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Experience Change with Natalie Mena, LCSW-R

My mission is to help heal the remanence of generational trauma and empower individuals to create the life they deserve. Through education, self-awareness, and healing modalities, we can create positive changes that will last many lifetimes and heal future generations along the way.

-Natalie Mena, LCSW-R

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Hello there. You may find yourself here because healing is important to you. I believe the healing process is essential because we deserve to be the greatest versions of ourselves. I’m here to help make a difference in this world, whether through psychotherapy, collaboration with organizations, or advocating on legislation that will positively influence mental health care in communities of color. Addressing intergenerational trauma is the central piece of my work. Allow me to help you bring more awareness to your conscious and unconscious thoughts, challenge outdated belief systems, and help you to create the life you deserve; become the greatest version of yourself.




Individual and couples therapy for adults. Services focus on the mental and emotional well-being of individuals during sessions who are suffering from but not limited to anxiety, depression, and intergenerational trauma. Services are currently offered online.

Life coaching


Advisement and guidance in specialized areas of mental health related to anxiety, depression, and intergeneration trauma. Consultation services assist individuals and/or organizations develop systems to address the mental and emotional well-being of those seeking mental health care.

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Professional Speaking:

Workshops creator, lecturer, and panelist discussing mental health care and ways to improve the effects of care in communities of color.




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