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Skilled clinical psychotherapist treating those affected by anxiety, depression, and intergenerational trauma within communities of color, specifically Latino communities.


Discussion around healing past traumas, parental loss, self-care, the Latina experience, and mothering are my specialty. These topics often are not spoken about in our communities, making these conversations necessary to better understand the uniqueness of our experiences.


Generational Trauma

Bringing awareness to traumas that have been passed down through generations is essential to our healing journey. The realization of learned behaviors during trauma experiences can help individuals uncover their personal struggles and heal from past traumas to become an improved version of themselves.

Candle in Hands

Parental Loss

The loss of a parent is often triggering for many of us regardless of age and/or connection. Navigating life without our first gurus of love can be difficult but learning how to work through grief and healing is key to keeping their memories alive.



Making yourself a priority is key to self-care. Being able to create a safe space for others to help them understand past experiences and engage in self-care can help promote  an increase self-worthiness. I have created a toolkit and self-care tips to help with  balancing life demands.


The Latina Experience

Sharing experiences is vital in the field of mental health care, especially the experiences of Latina women whose stories are rarely heard. Understanding the unique  struggles and facets that make up our experiences as Latina women can help in  our healing journey.

Mother and Baby on Floor


As a mother, it is important to understand the importance of the Latino family and the traumas created by societal constructs. Listening to the stories unique to Latina  women can help create a greater sense of empathy and strengthen the relationship  between mother and child.

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